Monday, September 12, 2011

Wrong turn 2: Dead End

I remember enjoying the first one but I don’t remember why. It was probably Eliza Dushku thinking about it. However she isn’t in it which is a pity, we have instead a collection of young mostly stupid wannabe reality stars. 

However the one shining light is Henry Rollins his performance is top notch as the ex-special forces marine. The deaths are what you would expect lots of stabbing, a few arrows a chain and some explosions, there is lots of running and some nudity. 

In the end this film doesn’t break the mould it just snugly fits into it. I learnt a few things from this film though if you are setting a reality show in the middle of a forest in the middle of nowhere you should properly scout the area for deformed psychopaths.

 Also you can cut someone in half with an axe and I don’t mean horizontally I mean vertically! And if you’re out in the woods and you find a bbq with no one around its most likely to be human meat cooking. In the end I think the film would have been improved with a little Faith

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